What’s in a name you may ask – as I pondered, googled, theorised and consulted when looking for a name that represents what we do; day in and day out – now for over 25 years.

The meaning of “Katalyma” – basically a lodging place or Inn, when looking deeper really defines the core values of what we do in our Hotels, where a host offers a stay experience true to the original meaning of hospitality. Mary and Joseph’s stay at a katalyma in Bethlehem was characterized by a genuine, heart-warming welcome with personalised, caring and accommodating service – desperately needed by this young couple of travellers over 2,000 years ago.

During my 12 years working for Hyatt International, I learned literally starting from a blank canvas, having only visited a Hotel once in my life, what hospitality and running hotels was all about. Genuine, honest and from the heart; was all I knew as a young Kiwi hotelier and it worked like a charm.

Moving to Ritz-Carlton only magnified these traits – first learning then coaching, training and mentoring the service pillars of a Hotel Company that leads the way in defining honest, outstanding, genuine hospitality. Adding in the Japanese culture just provided a further layer.

At Katalyma our hospitality philosophy encompasses all of these experiences over the most amazing time in stunning locations, and incredible hotels. The key elements of a genuine warm welcome, highly personalised based on the varying needs of our guests, seamlessly utilising the beautiful and unique locations of each property and local hospitality culminating with a fond farewell to create a complete stay experience that lasts well after our guests depart.

So whats in a name you may ask? Layer, upon layer, upon layer of knowledge, experiences, cultures and people……something I hope you can experience at our properties, Kerikeri Park Lodge and Whangaparaoa Lodge.

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