The Living Wage & Corporate Social Responsibility

With the end of a challenging financial year completed, and a new one beginning we decided to re-evaluate and reflect on the whole business, not only from the inside but also from an external view point – with the goal to include all those around us as part of our business plan moving forward.

Not that this was absent from our strategy already. We have an extremely good CSR program in place donating over $4,500 to our local Hibiscus Hospice over the months they also struggled the most, supporting HeartKids, and our local parks, schools and community activities. We wanted however, to take it further.

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Our teams of employees, are our community. They live, eat, shop, play and work right here. They are special to us, have been loyal and without them we would not be able to achieve what we do – not just for us but for our communities. The Living Wage movement has always been a concept I believed in – and so much more in our current environment. The partnership between employee, business owner and community is literally the survival of any small business, and growing these relationships is the key to navigating through challenging periods and beyond.

Although not yet an accredited Living Wage Employer we are proud to have shifted to a fairer more equitable pay scale for our teams at Kerikeri Park Lodge and Whangaparaoa Lodge. Something I hope that they are thankful for and assists our community, with happier people, spending a bit more during these challenging times for all.

For more information on the Living Wage head to their website:

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